Mega Multiplier Mascara


Revlon just came out with four mascara in the beginning of June called the Mega Multiplier Mascara. This is a one step fiber and tubing mascara.


With most fiber mascaras you get the fibers in your eyes and on your cheeks, but with this mascara, you do not.

The mascara’s formula is full of buildable fibers and has 360° tubes. Which delivers mega volume and extreme length for a false lashes look. That does not smudge, smear, or flake. Plus it is also waterproof without the waterproof formula. Also, the formula drys really quickly and does not transfer onto the eyelids.

mega multiplier

The Mega Lash Brush helps coat lashes. It looks like a normal brush with the pointy end. This brush is a bit old school as it is a bristle brush. The brush is really big which makes the application quick and easy.

The mascara does make your eyelashes longer and separates them nicely. With one coat of mascara, the eyelashes look natural but better. Whereas with two coats, it looks like you are wearing natural false lashes. With two coats of mascara, your lashes do clump together a bit. Once you passed the three to four coats it looks like your wearing false lashes.

The mascara with only 1 coat


This mascara claims to lengthen your eyelashes and for me, it did.  This mascara cost $11.99 CAD, I think it is worth the money to buy as most tubing mascaras tend to cost around $20 CAD.

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