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Pat McGraths



What it is:
A tech-noir smoky eye kit in two iconic, intergalactic sets: Ultra Violet Blue and Ultra Suede Brown—cult classics to transcend the classic smoky eye multi-reflective finishes. Where I purchased the Ultra Suede Brown as it is the more neutral shades of the two.

Black smudge liner, Dark matter, Ultra suede brown, Mercury, Astral white

The colours via Sephora:

These long-lasting pigments are easily blendable, delivering an instant, bold incandescent color. Refined in its richness, luscious pigments in sublime shades—Dark Matter and Mercury—offer a velvet-meets-velour texture for diamond-like sparkle and ultra-blendable brilliance. Subvert smoky eye looks with the color-morphing Astral White pigment. It delivers multidimensional dual chromatic light-reflective effects. Give lids sensorial shine with this lustrous pigment and watch as the hue alters from opulent opalescence to surreal incandescence.

Black smudge liner
The pigments

My thoughts:

Of the six colored products in this kit, only two are really great on their own, namely the eye kohl and the brown pigment. The eye kohl is creamy, a very rich pigmented black, and sheers out beautifully. It’s also easy to use it with a synthetic brush to get more precision if desired. The ultra suede brown is copper in daylight and orange in incandescent and super rich and pigmented. I usually like matte products better, but the shimmer/glitter in this is stunning. With the rest of the kit, the magic is in the combinations. The gold/pewter color is ok on its own and the white barely shows, but both are amazing over the eye kohl (the pewter takes on an almost metallic green cast while the Astral White shines a brilliant baby blue). It’s true that the eye gloss makes a mess and is probably best for photos, but thin layers don’t appear to disturb much while adding depth but only on the lips. While on the eyes it tends to crease the makeup. I’ll probably get the least use out of that, but it is gorgeous. I like that the black isn’t too dark, it’s by far the most forgiving black I own and will get a lot of use for that reason.

Is it worth it:

For $175 CAD it is not worth it.  The packaging for the makeup was very cheap. The pigmentation of the swatches on my arm took 3-4 swipes except for the ultra suede brown which took 1. Plus, you probably could find dupes for all these colours.


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