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Kat Von D Liquid Lipsticks

The liquid lipsticks from Kat Von D came out awhile ago. Yet I never found anyone online that had the same skin tone that was light brown with pink undertones or anyone with olive complexion. As I wanted to see to what they would look like on my complexion and share it with anyone else that has my skin tone as well. This tends to frustrate me when brands come out with colours and you do not know how it is going to look on.

I swatched the colours that I thought most people would wear and the colours that most people love to wear on an everyday basis as these liqid lipsticks cost $24CAD and there are 42 colours as well. I only swatched 15 of them.

The colours that I swatched are ayesha,susperia, nahz fur atoo,damned, devils, a go go, outlaw, bachelorette, bauhau5, backstage bambi, mother, beloved, double dare, lovecraft, noble

the colours from left to right are ayesha,susperia, nahz fur atoo,damned, devils, a go go, outlaw, bachelorette, bauhau5, backstage bambi, mother, beloved, double dare, lovecraft, noble.

without flash

The colours swatched from bottom to top are ayesha,susperia, nahz fur atoo,damned, devils, a go go, outlaw, bachelorette, bauhau5, backstage bambi, mother, beloved, double dare, lovecraft, noble.

with flash

From bottom to top names are ayesha,susperia, nahz fur atoo,damned, devils, a go go, outlaw, bachelorette, bauhau5, backstage bambi, mother, beloved, double dare, lovecraft, noble.

These lipsticks are comfortable and have a thin texture to them as they feel ever light on your lips. They last a long time on the lips, and when they dry they do go completely matte. They do also dry very quickly so do not layer them as it will feel every sticky.

Some colours are more patchy than others. But like every other liquid lipstick, they do dry out your lips. And when the liquid lipsticks come off it tends to flake off your lips. But the liquid lipsticks due stain and are hard to remove unless you use an oil based makeup remover.




Things you Should do but don’t

Hey guys,

I was think during my weeks during finals how other than my lack of post there are somethings that I do not do but should. Most of these things are really easy to do but I tend to forget or am to tired to do. But to live a better life or just be more healthier I think these are done habits I should adopt and thing you guys should too if you do not do so already.

1. going to sleep at a reasonable time. I am notorious for sleeping at 2am or if I am good at 1230am.

2. waking up earlier. That way you can finish most of the things that you need to do and free up the rest of the day.

3. work out even if it just for a 15 minute walk. It will make you feel refreshed and clear your mind as well.

4. carry a water bottle that way you can drink more water as well.

5. wear sunscreen as you need to protect your skin from the harsh uva and uvb rays from the sun.

6. focus on your health. As it is the only thing that really matters.

I hope this helps you guys and comment if you already do some of these things already or if you don’t.





I know I have been completely lacking on this blog that was supposed to be brilliant and where I shared my life with you but to make it up and start this thing all over again. I know I can write some crappy story that would make you sympathizes but I won’t as it wouldn’t be the truth. The truth being I had no idea how to handle writing a blog, working part-time and going to school. It was difficult and I think I figured out a way that I can do all three without completely draining myself. So this is my apology to you all.

Until next time,




Ted Baker: wallet

Ted Baker is a brand that is known as a high street brand. It carries clothes, shoes, and accessories.


Recently, I was on the market for a wallet. As I never owned one and my cards being thrown in my bag. The inside of my bag was a complete mess. So I bit the bullet and went off to find a wallet.


Sophisticated and sleek the DARRAH wallet will lend a contemporary feel to your everyday look. Finessed from sumptuous leather with a super slim design and metallic trims, this modish accessory is a must-have.

The wallet I bought is the Ted Baker, Darrah. The wallet makes me feel sophisticated. As the wallet itself is sleek with a contemporary vibe to it. This comes in three colours, millennial pink, rose gold and black. The wallet has a metallic trim in rose gold for all three wallets.



the frontside



The front of the wallet is stamped with the Ted Baker Brand in rose gold. It also as a front pocket that I do not use. As I’m always scared something will fall out if it.


The zipper is continental, meaning it goes around the full wallet. The zipper is in rose gold and has the Ted Baker symbol on it.

the backside


It has 8 card slots, and two back pockets to place bill. Also, there is a zipper pocket to store coins. This zipper matches the outer zipper as it is also rose gold and has the Ted Baker symbol on it.


  • Crosshatch leather
  • Metallic bar detailing
  • Zip around fastening
  • Coin, card and note compartments

Care & Fabric:

  • Fabric Content: Shell: 100% Bovine Leather; Lining: 100% Polyester
  • Care information: Do not wash, iron or dry clean


This wallet overall is great as it keeps my bag from being a total mess. This wallet cost me $185.00 CAD

And if you want it it is currently on sale for $128 CAD

here is the link to the site:

Until next time,




Adidas: Stan Smith

20170701_111505The Adidas Stan Smith where tennis shoes back in 1973. Stan Smith was an American tennis player, who ranked the world’s number one in 1973, endorsed the shoes.


The shoes are made from white leather and do not feature the Adidas three stripe logo on them but holes in a similar pattern. These holes give the wearer ventilation.

They come in many colours but mine is in the black heel. The retail price is $110 CAD, but if you want my version if you go to or com you can get them for $75 CAD right now.


These shoes are super comfortable and versatile, as they go with everything I own.

Here is the link if you want them:

Until next time,



Mega Multiplier Mascara


Revlon just came out with four mascara in the beginning of June called the Mega Multiplier Mascara. This is a one step fiber and tubing mascara.


With most fiber mascaras you get the fibers in your eyes and on your cheeks, but with this mascara, you do not.

The mascara’s formula is full of buildable fibers and has 360° tubes. Which delivers mega volume and extreme length for a false lashes look. That does not smudge, smear, or flake. Plus it is also waterproof without the waterproof formula. Also, the formula drys really quickly and does not transfer onto the eyelids.

mega multiplier

The Mega Lash Brush helps coat lashes. It looks like a normal brush with the pointy end. This brush is a bit old school as it is a bristle brush. The brush is really big which makes the application quick and easy.

The mascara does make your eyelashes longer and separates them nicely. With one coat of mascara, the eyelashes look natural but better. Whereas with two coats, it looks like you are wearing natural false lashes. With two coats of mascara, your lashes do clump together a bit. Once you passed the three to four coats it looks like your wearing false lashes.

The mascara with only 1 coat


This mascara claims to lengthen your eyelashes and for me, it did.  This mascara cost $11.99 CAD, I think it is worth the money to buy as most tubing mascaras tend to cost around $20 CAD.

Until til next time



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Pat McGraths



What it is:
A tech-noir smoky eye kit in two iconic, intergalactic sets: Ultra Violet Blue and Ultra Suede Brown—cult classics to transcend the classic smoky eye multi-reflective finishes. Where I purchased the Ultra Suede Brown as it is the more neutral shades of the two.

Black smudge liner, Dark matter, Ultra suede brown, Mercury, Astral white

The colours via Sephora:

These long-lasting pigments are easily blendable, delivering an instant, bold incandescent color. Refined in its richness, luscious pigments in sublime shades—Dark Matter and Mercury—offer a velvet-meets-velour texture for diamond-like sparkle and ultra-blendable brilliance. Subvert smoky eye looks with the color-morphing Astral White pigment. It delivers multidimensional dual chromatic light-reflective effects. Give lids sensorial shine with this lustrous pigment and watch as the hue alters from opulent opalescence to surreal incandescence.

Black smudge liner
The pigments

My thoughts:

Of the six colored products in this kit, only two are really great on their own, namely the eye kohl and the brown pigment. The eye kohl is creamy, a very rich pigmented black, and sheers out beautifully. It’s also easy to use it with a synthetic brush to get more precision if desired. The ultra suede brown is copper in daylight and orange in incandescent and super rich and pigmented. I usually like matte products better, but the shimmer/glitter in this is stunning. With the rest of the kit, the magic is in the combinations. The gold/pewter color is ok on its own and the white barely shows, but both are amazing over the eye kohl (the pewter takes on an almost metallic green cast while the Astral White shines a brilliant baby blue). It’s true that the eye gloss makes a mess and is probably best for photos, but thin layers don’t appear to disturb much while adding depth but only on the lips. While on the eyes it tends to crease the makeup. I’ll probably get the least use out of that, but it is gorgeous. I like that the black isn’t too dark, it’s by far the most forgiving black I own and will get a lot of use for that reason.

Is it worth it:

For $175 CAD it is not worth it.  The packaging for the makeup was very cheap. The pigmentation of the swatches on my arm took 3-4 swipes except for the ultra suede brown which took 1. Plus, you probably could find dupes for all these colours.


Until next time,